The Lodge will be located in the Carrabassett Valley nestled in the woods near Caribou Pond


The lodge is to be a four-season facility providing meals and lodging to backcountry hikers, bikers, and skiers exploring Maine’s woods, lakes, and mountains. This program may be accommodated in a single, or small collection, of individual buildings. Consideration should be given to limit the total footprint and site disturbance. 

The facility will need to accommodate approximately 36 guests and 6 staff, and provide:

        Large bunkrooms

        Smaller shared rooms for 2-4 people

        Separated staff accommodation for 6 people

Support for lodging will require separated bathroom facilities for guest and staff and should include:

         Composting toilets

         Limited shower and changing rooms

Major gathering and public spaces will include:

        Screened Porch

        Dining Room for 40 guests

        Kitchen Facilities

                For prepared meals and self-service use

                Provision for food storage

        Meeting Space

                  To accommodate group classes or activities

        Small Library

        Guest Gear Storage and Drying room  



Special consideration will be given to the use of Innovative Wood Construction Technologies in remote building locations to address issues of design and construction such as: 

        Sensitivity to user experience and limiting site disturbance

        Accelerated construction times on isolated building sites

        Compatibility with off-grid power generation and winter heating 

        High performance building and passive provisions for guest comfort

        Inclusion of locally available materials